Wooden Green LED Clock

Wooden Green LED Clock
Item# 54275

Product Description

It looks like a minimalist sculpture. A beautiful block of polished wood. But when you power it up, bright green numerals appear right through the wood grain. Its simple elegant design looks at home in nearly any room and it can easily be read in bright room light. A simple three button interface will let you program your clock. The Wooden LED Clock is a conversation piece like no other. None of Michelangelo's statues tell the time, so that makes this clock better. See, a clock cooler than a priceless work of art - now that is a great deal.

- Green LED light display
- Features time(12/24 selectable) / alarm / temperature(Fahrenheit/Celsius)
- Powered by 4*AAA batteries (not included) or by AC adapter
- Comes with USB charging cable & Chinese/English manual