USB Light Show Stick

USB Light Show Stick
Item# 16514

Product Description

Hard to say the words? Make them appear in the air. Customize your messages like “I Love U”, “Sorry!”, or images in JPG/BMP format, install them in the 32-LED Light Show Stick via usb cable. Wave the Light Show stick horizontally, then your message/image will be created in the air by a strip of red LED. Approximate 85 characters can be stored. Ideal for night party or concert, or in the situation you feel hard to say it!

- Built-in 32-LED
- Supports BMP and JPG banner creation - max. 128 x 32 pixels size
- 3 Scrolling effects: Marquee, Slider and Top Down
- Text and banner can be uploaded to the Light Show stick by USB interface
- Blue back light feature with 3 flashing method
- Built-in 4096 Bytes memory size - store around 85 Characters
- Powered by 2 x AA batteries
- Support Windows XP, 2000 and Vista
- Dimension: 295 x 36 x 18mm (approx.)
- Weight: 98g