Stuck up! - Chewed up gum magnets

Stuck up! - Chewed up gum magnets
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Product Description

Much more fun than the Exploding Tootsie Roll. Remember when the teacher told you not to chew gum in class because you would end up leaving it under the desk. And how impossible is it to get dried chewed gum off the underside of a desk? You would swear that someone stuck them up there with Super Glue! Well, now you can put the Stuck Up Chewed Gum Magnets, lifelike pieces of chewed gum with magnets inside, anywhere you want and there is no need for the clean up.

Put the Stuck Up Chewed Up Gum Magnets on fridge at home to freak out mom, your locker at school to drive the janitors nuts or use them to pull a prank on your teacher. (Note: The Baron does not endorse these tactics to enrage any authority figures but it does sound like fun, doesn't it?). These awesomely fun novelty magnets are a hysterical addition to your desk at work or in a dorm room. Plus, these creative refrigerator magnets are the perfect college student gift or just as a funny novelty gag. And all we know is that these are more fun to find stuck up under a desk than a booger!

Each package of Stuck Up Chewed Gum Magnets comes with four wads in assorted flavors - pink bubble gum, spearmint, peppermint, and tutti-frutti.