Laser Guided Garage Parking System

Laser Guided Garage Parking System
Item# 15819

Product Description

Fed up with the door and fender dings on your car from pulling into your garage too deep or too far to the side? Then park like a pro, every time, with the Laser Guided Parking System. This automatic guidance system allows you to pull into the exact same spot time and time again with laser-beam accuracy! Best of all, the parking system is easy to install, requiring only a Phillips screwdriver. The kit includes the laser beam module and a power transformer (110 Volt AC adapter), screws and hook-A-loop tape. For maximum mounting flexibility, the laser beam module can be operated by AC power with the included power transformer. You can also install a 9V battery (sold separately) for backup power.

- Laser beam parking accuracy
- No more door or fender dings
- Easy to install - requires only a screwdriver
- Automatically activates when your vehicle enters the garage

The parking system works by detecting when a vehicle is approaching and emitting a bright, vertical laser beam from a mounting location on the ceiling. The location at which the beam shines on your vehicle is determined by where on the ceiling you choose to mount it. Simply pull your car into your garage, under the laser, until the beam reaches a specific area on your vehicle that you pre-selected. For example, to prevent from pulling in too far, choose a distinct point on the dash or the rear of the hood. Or, to prevent from parking off-center, choose the seam where the hood meets the body of the vehicle. The Laser Guided Parking System also helps you pull out safely.

Dimensions: 4.33 in x 3.86 in x 1.38 in
Weight: 11.15 oz