was launched in early 2006 as one of the original online daily deal sites! But its humble beginnings were far different from those of its first competitors.

At only 14 years of age, Fruper’s owner, David Orr, had tired of the high fees and limited opportunities of eBay buying and selling. He knew he wanted to own and operate his own business where he could focus on selling products which really interested him, such as iPod accessories and unique consumer electronics. He knew that if he kept his overhead low by initially operating his company out of the basement of his family home and personally assuming responsibility for product purchases, website design, sales, shipping and customer service, he could offer items to the public at extremely competitive prices. But at his age, how would he ever be able to run a business, let alone find the money to establish an inventory?

A daily deal site simply made sense. He researched online, learned to set up a simple website and bought just enough of each product that he thought would sell out completely in one day. Using money saved from his eBay sales and disc jockey business, he set out to find exceptional deals on wholesale quantities of products, focusing primarily on computer technology and electronics. It was his goal to place products for sale at nominal markups in price so that his customers could buy one item at a price that was similar to what would typically be found when buying in wholesale quantities. He figured that he could manage such a company even at his young age because the startup costs would be reasonable. It was a simple concept, and he was convinced it would work.

But what about a name? He knew it had to be short and catchy. It also had to be an available domain. When the word “Fruper” popped up as an available dot com site, he liked how it rhymed with “super” and thought that it would be unique and easy to remember. It was at that very moment that Fruper was born!

In the years since the origin of Fruper, the company has not only maintained its daily deal site but also an online store, a daily deal tracking site, worldwide shipping and a wholesale division. Products are sold individually, by the pallet and even by the truckload with orders as large as 500,000 each. Fruper maintains a portion of its inventory at Total Quality Warehouse in Effingham, Illinois and also has products shipped to customers from a fulfillment center in Hong Kong, China.

Fruper continues to be owned and operated by David Orr. Rather than the high school freshman that he was when he launched the company, he is now a student in the University of Arizona’s highly ranked entrepreneurial program. His book, The Impatient Entrepreneur, is due out in 2012. Through it, he hopes to share the story of and inspire others who dream of launching their own business.


16350 N Briarwood Dr
Effingham, IL 62401

Wholesale Distribution:
1011 N Stevens Avenue
Effingham, IL 62401