Fling JoyStick for iPad

Fling JoyStick for iPad
Item# joystick
$12.95, 2/$17.95

Product Description

Gaming on the iPad is constantly improving, but the one big drawback is the amount of games that require you to wipe your big, sausagy fingers all over the screen. Not that that isnít the point of a tablet, but itís hard to game when your fingers are in the way. The Fling Analog Joystick from Ten One Design is probably the best fix available right now for games using on-screen controls. The Fling attaches to the iPadís bevel via suction cups (make sure the surface is clean or itíll slip) and uses anodized aluminum, auto centering joysticks to manipulate the on-screen controller. Donít worry- as long as your iPad and the joystick are both clean, you donít have to worry about the sticks scratching that beautiful screen. While the Fling isnít for all games, it adds a whole new level of precision to those games with on-screen controls. And even though the joystickís housing takes up a bit of corner real estate, the clear plastic ensures that it doesnít effect visibility.

Patent pending tactile interface for your iPad
Auto-centering for max control over your game
Unique transparent design provides an unrestricted view of all the incoming action
Quick and easy suction cup attachment
Includes a microfiber bag for on-the-go storage
Manufactured from an incredibly tough, yet flexible engineering-grade resin, Fling will stand-up to energetic gamers of all ages