Alany Mosquito 3ch Mini RC Helicopter

Alany Mosquito 3ch Mini RC Helicopter
Item# 3193

Product Description

The Mosquito 3ch Mini RC Helicopter is the worlds smallest 3 channel helicopter. This helicopter is designed for indoor flight but can be flown outside on calm days. The double rotor design helps stabilize flight and makes it easier to control.

* 3 channel remote for up, down, left, right, forward, and backward control.
* 2 multi-colored lights for eyes that blink random colors during flight
* Flying Time: 10 minutes
* Charging Time: 10-15 minutes
* Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery for extra long battery life
* For Ages 12+
* Measures 8"(L)x6.75"(W)x3.75"(H)
* Requires a 9 volt battery(included)

Package Includes:
* Mosquito helicopter
* 3ch Remote Control
* AC Charger
* 9 volt battery
* Spare tail propeller