3-LED USB Light

3-LED USB Light
Item# 5452

Product Description

- Directly plug the USB LED Light into the USB port on your NOTEBOOK or PC.
- No external power supply is needed. Just easily turn on your NOTEBOOK or PC to power the USB LED Light.
- Switch-less USB LED light. Remains on until you unplug the USB LED Light or turn off the NOTEBOOK or PC.
- Gently adjust the flexible neck of USB LED light to position the flylight anyway you like.
- Power consumption less than 40 mA.
- Power saving design comes with reliable LED lights. LED lights are rated to average 8000 hours of use.
- Durable featherweight construction and small enough for traveling. It fits into your computer case as easy as it fits your style.
- 3-LED light provides a bright and large working area, adjustable goose neck for easy light positioning
- Bright white LEDs can ensure clear view at night