2 LED Pig Shaped Flashlight

2 LED Pig Shaped Flashlight
Item# 1138

Product Description

This Pig LED Keychain Light from features twin LED lights that shine out from the pink plastic piggie's nose to shine the light of reason into the heart of darkness - or at least, your car or home lock.

When you go to the market, this little piggie goes with you, riding safely; securely on a metal keychain attached to its stylized tail. It's when the sun goes down that the Pig LED Keychain Light really shines... just squeeze the button on its head and dual beams of bright white LED light beam out from the nostrils. Too cute, or what? The designers could have made the eyes emit light, but that would be just too creepy.

Imagine you're returning home from said market and you forgot to leave the porch light on... again. By guiding your errant key right to its waiting lock, the Pig LED Keychain Light saves you from fumbling and mumbling while your packages go tumbling. Forgot something in the car trunk? No biggie, just use your piggie and spare your car's paint job from an unenlightened jab.